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By Jane Ryan
(age 10)

ALLISON are we live?
SAM I think so
ALLISON hello guys welcome back to another live stream!
SAM yeah another
ALLISON wait- what happened?
SAM what?
ALLISON we are not live
SAM really?
ALLISON no, it says an error occurred - try again later
SAM try again
ALLISON it won’t let me
SAM log out!
SAM have you done it yet?
ALLISON nearly
SAM now?
ALLISON I’m just logging back in
SAM so is the problem fixed?
ALLISON um Sam, I sent a picture of what is on my screen...
SAM WHAT?! You’re banned from YouTube!
ALLISON yes! I know it’s crazy!
SAM why don’t we investigate
ALLISON good idea!
SAM ok so I have emailed YouTube
ALLISON I hope is gonna be ok, i want my channel back!
SAM I haven’t gotten a reply yet
ALLISON of course you haven’t! It’s been like one second!
SAM Allison don’t be a know it all
ALLISON sorry, I was just saying!
SAM but you didn’t have to say it in that tone of voice
ALLISON but you always use that voice!
SAM I never, you liar!
ALLISON No! You’re a liar!
SAM am not!
ALLISON are to!
SAM can we stop arguing- for once
SAM when on earth is YouTube going to reply
ALLISON maybe they will reply on the moon
SAM don’t start that up again
SAM Allison- really?
ALLISON yes really

SAM oh come on!
SAM why do you have to be so annoying all the time?
ALLISON give me a break! What am I meant to do with a control freak best friend
SAM take that back!
ALLISON what it’s true though!
SAM Allison, your so mean!
ALLISON no, your the mean one here! You swapped our tests in school! So that you looked
SAM yeah- what wrong with that!?
ALLISON don’t be such a hypocrite Sam!
SAM yeah I’m not mean!
ALLISON really Sam? Really?
SAM Allison, all of your videos were bad anyway!
ALLISON see what I mean?
SAM I don’t know what your talking about!
ALLISON Sam! Don’t turn your back on me!
SAM I can if I want to, so ha!
ALLISON why am I even friends with you?
SAM you’re not- I just used you for fame and popularity!
SAM good luck on your own, I stole all your fame!
ALLISON Sam, why just why?
SAM also, your channel is mine now!
ALLISON s-Sam, really?
SAM yes Allison, yes
ALLISON I knew it- I KNEW IT! you’re just another one of those gold diggers! All you want
is fame and money!
SAM oh, you guessed it right
ALLISON you’re a monster!
SAM no, I’m just smart! You’re just so clueless,I can do anything!
ALLISON I’m not clueless, Sam, think before you talk!
SAM I do- oh I do, I think so much- to trick you into doing what I want!
ALLISON what do you mean Sam?
SAM remember- when I got you to tell me your google password?
SAM well I just say, we are best friends, we share everything!
ALLISON I got all of that on camera!
SAM delete it now!
ALLISON no Sam, you’re a fraud!
ALLISON no Sam, that’s what you get for being rude, someone’s gonna catch you
SAM Well Allison! I turned all your friends against you, so you would be all alone!
ALLISON you’re a monster Sam, you know it too! You need to change. I sent that video to
your parents!
SAM Like they care! They honestly don’t care, In fact! It was their idea!
ALLISON No, I don’t believe a word you say!
SAM well you shou-

ALLISON Sam! Listen to me!
SAM Fine
ALLISON Your parents aren’t happy!
SAM Great just Great!
ALLISON you stole everything I had, and hacked my YouTube account
SAM yep what are you gonna do about it?
ALLISON Call the police maybe....
SAM good luck
ALLISON or just tell your parents everything
SAM still, good luck with that!
ALLISON SAM! stop being sarcastic!
SAM you’re not the boss of me
ALLISON Sam, you’re horrible, horrible person! You need to change!
SAM I don’t care, I will find a new person to play my evil tricks on
ALLISON Sam, realise what you’re doing here!
SAM I don’t care! Do you realise! I don’t care about anything!
ALLISON Sam, what goes around comes around, you need to be nicer!
SAM and? Nobody realises it!
ALLISON they will eventually!
SAM I guess, I’m really sorry Allison.
ALLISON it’s ok, just never do it again!
SAM I’m giving you back access to your account
ALLISON thanks
SAM let’s go!
ALLISON hey guys welcome back to another live stream!
SAM yep, hi guys!

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