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Sióg: Away with the Fairies Performance

30th and 31st September, St Endas Park, Pearse Museum

A rustle of leaves, wisps of song and a pluck of strings...The Cailleach- Old as time, ever watchful. A ceremony is afoot and everyone's invited! Come sing tales, croon warnings and hum hope!

A guided promenade performance for families by Freshly Ground Theatre.

Sióg is an ongoing program of work exploring themes of Fairy mythology, the inter-cultural connections of their place in the modern world, the definition of magic and an examination of our personal relationship with our environment. 


Freshly Ground Theatre is a collective of Theatre makers based in Tallaght. Currently in residence in The Civic, Tallaght. Our aim is for our projects to be inclusive, explorative and accessible. At our core, we believe that theatre, in whatever form it takes, should be a collaborative and engaging experience between artists and audience, reflecting and informing community and culture towards a cause of social change.



Directing Team: 

Seán Farrelly

Michelle Henry 

Martha Knight 


Performance Team: 

Bronwen Barrett

Samuel Coyle

Vlad Gurdis


Musical Consultant and Songwriting:

Conrad JB


Sound Design: 

Martha Knight


Stage Management: 

Ruby Collin


Assistant Stage Managers: 



This promenade performance is commissioned by Tallaght Community Arts Growing a Future project through South Dublin County Council's Local Live Performance Scheme. Sióg Development commissioned by Ready, Steady, SHOW! at The Civic and supported by Creative Ireland South Dublin.

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