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By Sinéad V. Paraiso
(age 16)

AMBER and JASMINE are on a video call. JASMINE is concerned for her best friend/crush.
AMBER Heyyyy
JASMINE Are you okay? What’s up? Your texts sounded like you were going through stuff.
AMBER Nothing, just wanted to call, you know
JASMINE You look like you’ve been crying. C’mon, Amber, what’s up?
AMBER You just know, don’t you. Fine, I was playing some music, trying to ignore my mam and
dad, and this song really hit different, you know? It put me in a sad vibe and I started going
through my gallery and I saw how happy I was with Marcus...
JASMINE C’mon, Amber, he was an ass.
AMBER I know that now. It’s just... He was so kind and funny. He always knew how to make me
laugh. I liked him.
JASMINE Amber, if he loved you, he wouldn’t’ve dumped you for Hannah. Hannah! Of all
AMBER I know but... I went back on our messages and he was so sweet. I went all the way back
to when we first spoke. Then I cried.
JASMINE Look, Marcus isn’t worth your tears. Life is too short to spend time crying.
JASMINE It’s been 2 weeks, Amber. Plus, they’re so many people out there who’d kill for a
chance to be with you. I mean, you’re smart, you’re funny, you’re drop-dead gorgeous, you’re
loving- the list goes on. 
AMBER You mean that?
JASMINE Yes, I do mean that. I know so.
AMBER I can’t believe you’ve never been with someone. Like, you’re so sweet.
JASMINE I mean, I’m saving it for someone special.
AMBER Who? Christy Barlow, your science partner? Brendan, captain of the hurley team? No,
wait, it’s Leon with those amazing blue eyes.
JASMINE Ew, no. He’s got absolutely no personality and his texts are mad dry. Plus, you’ve got
prettier eyes.
AMBER Seriously?
JASMINE Yeah, like, damn, girl, get me a map because I got lost in your eyes.
AMBER laughs.
AMBER That was so bad, oh my God.
JASMINE Oh, come on, that one was great!
AMBER You wish!
JASMINE Damn, thought it would work
AMBER yawns.
JASMINE Well, if I’m boring you that much, I’ll just go. 
AMBER Nooooooo, Jasmine, don’ttttt. I didn’t mean it. 
JASMINE You should be asleep. It’s, like, 1am.
AMBER Says yourself. Why are you awake?
JASMINE I was binging TikToks.
AMBER chuckles at her bestie.
JASMINE Don’t judge meeee
AMBER I’m not, don’t worry. 

AMBER yawns again.
AMBER I’m knackered. Can you, like, sing me a lullaby?
AMBER You have a great voice. C’mon, pleaseeeee? 
JASMINE Will you actually sleep?
AMBER Maybe. Only one way to find out! Please, Jassy
JASMINE Ugh, fine. Just because you said please
AMBER gets comfortable in her bed. JASMINE chooses to sing ‘If The World Was Ending’ by
Julia Michaels and JP Saxe acapella.
I was distracted and in traffic
I didn't feel it when the earthquake happened
But it really got me thinkin'
Were you out drinkin'?
Were you in the living room, chillin', watchin' television?
It's been a year now, think I've figured out how
How to let you go and let communication die out
I know, you know, we know
You weren't down for forever and it's fine
I know, you know, we know
We weren't meant for each other and it's fine
But if the world was ending, you'd come over, right?
You'd come over and you'd stay the night
Would you love me for the hell of it?
All our fears would be irrelevant
If the world was ending, you'd come over, right?
The sky'd be falling and I'd hold you tight
And there wouldn't be a reason why
We would even have to say goodbye
If the world was ending, you'd come over, right? Right?
JASMINE looks at AMBER’s peaceful face.
JASMINE Night, Amber. 
AMBER doesn’t reply, eyes closed. Beat. 
JASMINE Love you.
AMBER smiles.
AMBER Love you too.

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