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By Róisín Brennan
(age 6)

Once upon a time there were two brave girls called Roisin and Aoibh.
"Lets go and get a picture of a rare cactus!" said Aoibh.
So they set off to a mysterious desert. But then, a large cheetah jumped out at them.
"Arrrggh!" said Roisin and Aoibh together. They jumped in fright, but jumped so high they
jumped into a portal! They opened their eyes.
"Look! Fairies!" said Roisin.
Beautiful fairies were flying all around them. One cheeky looking fairy swooped down with a
plate of cake and candy canes.
"Thanks!" said the girls and started to eat the cakes. But next minute they flew up into the
"Ahhh She tricked us!" said Roisin.
"What a naughty fairy!" said Aoibh.
The little fairy laughed and laughed with glee.
Other fairies were flying up into the air out of control too.
Roisin grabbed a candy cane a fairy had dropped and then she went bouncing down to the
"Ah - so thats it!" she said. "Aoibh - here!"
She threw Aoibh a candy cane.
"Phew" said Aoibh, as she too tumbled to the ground. "Oh, look at that poor fairy!"
One fairy was flying around, looking upset that she couldn't stop.
"Here!" said the girls, and threw her a candy cane. Down she came.
"Thanks!" said the fairy.
"Can we borrow your wand please?" asked Roisin.
"Yes, thank you for helping." said the fairy.
The girls used the wand to fly back through the portal to the desert.
"Look! The cactus!" said Aoibh.
They got a wonderful picture of the cactus and went home. But they always said afterward
you never know where you'd find a magic fairy portal.

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