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By Cassiopeia Jackson
(age 8)

Four ten-year-olds called ROSIE , PENNY , ELLIE and JAMIE are a group of friends stuck at
home because of quarantine. They are still in contact though by Zooming each other on their
laptops every day. Thats exactly what there doing right now. In the first quarter of the stage
is ROSIE. She is there first because she is the host. She waits a few minutes and then
PENNY arrives in the second quarter of the stage.
ROSIE Hi Penny! How are you?
PENNY I’m fine.How are you?
ROSIE I’m fine.
ELLIE arrives.
ROSIE Oh,Hi Ellie.Where’s Jamie?He’s so slow.
Then Jamie arrives.
JAMIE What did you say about me?
ROSIE (Muffling her giggles) Nothing!
ELLIE Now that we are all here I have something to say.Yesterday I was searching through
and I YouTube typed “Pop Music” and this awesome track came on.
JAMIE Oh,I think I heard it before.
PENNY Yeah,me too.
ROSIE Should I Share Screen and put it on?
ALL Yeah!
ROSIE clicks Share Screen and goes on to YouTube. ROSIE types “Pop Music” and the
track comes on.
ROSIE This is really good.
Then every ones laptop starts to glitch and a person wearing a creepy mask comes on the
THE MASKED PERSON (In a creepy low voice) Don’t worry I just want to play.
PENNY This is just creepy lets leave.
ROSIE OK I’m going to stop Screen Sharing now.
ROSIE stops Screen Sharing.
ELLIE That was weird.
JAMIE Yeah really weird.
ELLIE Is there anything else anyone wants me to put on?
ROSIE Well,A few days ago I made a stop-motion Minecraft Lego video.
PENNY Please show us!
JAMIE Yeah please.
ROSIE OK then.
ROSIE clicks Share Screen for a second time that day and shows them the video.
Its about a Lego Minecraft character called STEVE and everyone really likes it.Then it starts
to glitch again and Steve starts in the same creepy voice as THE MASKED PERSON.
STEVE (In creepy voice) You didn’t play with me now I’m angry but I”ll give you one more
PENNY (Shouting) Why does this keep happening!!!
ROSIE stops Screen Sharing.

ROSIE Lets not do that again.
JAMIE Yeah,Its like that creepy person is tracking us over the internet.
PENNY I have an idea we could make a code on Zoom Chat using numbers and letters.
ELLIE Thats a great idea Penny.
They all go on to Zoom Chat and start making up codes.Then a new message pops up sent
by Anonymous that says “I will give you three seconds to play with me.
ELLIE This is super creepy now.
A new message pops up saying 3- 2- 1-.Everything goes black. Jamie screams. When the
lights come on again Jamie is replaced by The Masked Person.
THE MASKED PERSON (In creepy voice) Now will you play with me?
PENNY (in a scared voice) OK How do we play with you?
THE MASKED PERSON We’ll play hide-and-seek count to ten.
ALL 1-2-3-4-5-6-7-8-9-
Everything goes black and the room is filled with high-pitch screams.The lights come on and
the only person left is The Masked Person.
THE MASKED PERSON (In creepy voice )Now for my next victim.

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